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COVID 19- Love Thy Neighbour! How You Can Be a Responsible & Better Neighbour?

how to restrict spread of COVID 19 in India as a commoner

As we sit on this day Covid 19 is all around us. In this pandemic situation, India, the second most populated country in the world is struggling. From individual homes to nursing homes and the big hospitals, all are struggling for arranging basic things like an oxygen cylinder for reviving a patient’s life. The sad state of affairs is such that today a resident doctor from Max Saket Hospital, Delhi committed suicide. He was treating Covid-19 ICU patients for 1 whole month out of which he wasn’t able to revive many. Seeing the death rate out of frustration of being incapable of treating the patients better, the doctor chose to take his own life. In this post, we tell you about how to restrict the spread of Covid 19 in India as a commoner. Also, how you can still help others as a responsible neighbour if you or any of your family member is an active COVID patient?

We ask, how many more deaths we need to realise that prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in our gallis and mohallas is our responsibility and not of any government official? We the people of India can do a large bit of contribution in minimising the spread of this virus. Below are some very basic logical points that we often forget. This carelessness is actually costing us our near and dear ones.

#1 Inform the society RWAs/the Condominium President/HR in Office

It is really very important that if someone has got COVID or suspecting to have it then please inform your residential society, authorities and office workplaces. Please understand it is not a taboo’d disease that one has to hide from everyone. Every human life is precious. Let us make a chain of good vibes – Each one, help one.

#2 Avoid Common Passages

The one trend that has been seen most is that the virus has been transmitted very quickly in high-rise apartments. Generally, these residential complexes have multiple building towers. When one uses the common areas for whatever reason there is a high possibility that the area gets contaminated. COVID 19 transmission this way is a little lesser in independent floors societies. So if you are a COVID patient or suspect to have it then do not use the common passages in the buildings as much as possible. There are people like the milkman, delivery people and people still working through the office, leave the common areas for them to move around safely. Make use of balconies or garden areas if you want fresh air. However, here too please think of your neighbour residing below and act responsibly.

#3 . Stop Maids/Gardener/any sort of House Helps

Agreed that being sick of such a hard to predict virus and then managing all the household responsibilities is very tough. But house-helps are equally human just like you and me. As a matter of fact, information about this should be given to them. This is especially important when the house help is a temporary one and not a 24hr. residential one. They tend to work at different places. Working in a COVID patient’s house increases their chance of getting the virus and also transmitting it to other households. This is a great way to restrict the spread of Covid 19 in India starting with your immediate neighbours.

#4. Garbage Disposal as per COVID-19 Government Norms

This is again an important step to restrict spread of COVID 19 in India. As a commoner, if you are an active COVID patient then contact authorities for responsible garbage collection. Inform the local municipal corporation or the garbage collecting agency to get your household waste collected according to COVID -19 norms. Disposing of garbage normally has the potential of spreading the virus to other stakeholders like the garbage collectors, neighbours, and more.

#5. Responsibly Donate Plasma, Oximeter and more

Once you or your family are well and COVID free, please make it a point to donate plasma as per the prescribed medical norms for people who are in need. You can inform the society heads in case there is a requirement. Also consider sharing the oximeter, oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators and medicines (basis doctor’s prescription) after proper sanitization. Currently, these things are available in markets in very little quantity.

#6. Get your Home and Common Areas Sanitized after you are COVID free

Once you Corona-free, to restrict spread of COVID 19 in India as a commoner, get home and common areas sanitized. It is important for curbing the spread among your immediate neighbour and people coming to deliver essential goods.

Hope you will practice these pointers to be a responsible neighbour to restrict spread of COVID 19 in India as a commoner.

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  1. It’s the responsibility of each citizen to adopt covid-appropriate behaviour. Your pointers are valid today.

  2. Alpana Deo says:

    It is very important to be a responsible citizen. Then only we can stop the spread of this deadly virus. little bit of common sense can go a long way at this moment. Your tips are very much needed.

  3. You are absolutely right but sadly people have more ego than common sense these days. Everyone’s blaming the govt who I believe isn’t God. And people are not helping themselves.

  4. This is such a insightful post and much needed . We need to follow the rules with out neighbors too. Garbage Disposal as per COVID-19 Government Norms is extremely important. We do regular sanitization at our apartment, it does helps

  5. A informative post for the current situation thank you for sharing the complete details.. Even I have taken all the safety measures.

  6. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Such a timely and important post. you have said it all. all these pointers are so important in preventing spread of covid 19. I agree it is hard to maintain all household things all alone but for being safe side and prevent the increasing infection, it is must to follow.

  7. This is much-needed information as we are battling the horrific second wave of Covid-19. Your practical and easy-to-follow tips will help many.

  8. There is still so much more to change to stop this deadly pandemic in India. Your blog needs to be circulated so that people get more aware of what to do.

  9. There are some very impressive points and I am really happy that all these are taken care in the apartment I am living in. This is a very gloomy situation. We all need to be extra cautious.

  10. I’ve seen many cases where the covid affected family were reluctant to even inform the society and roamed around the society coz they were asymptomatic. And some where they could not do without their maid and calld them home despite being covid + and spreading the virus to the maids. People need to be very very vigilant and also more responsible.

  11. nice post. definitely very important points that everyone needs to keep in mind during these times.

  12. Informing the authorities and taking all the necessary protocols is the must, which most people don’t follow as they are not in the best of their health and inturn put many people at the risk. I am glad that our society take utmost precautions in all this sector.

  13. These are some of the great points you have shared . Following the govt protocol is important. We should be careful towards our surrounding to prevent this virus .

  14. Despite all the measures to spread awareness, there are still thousands of people who are irresponsibly becoming passive carriers.

    1. So true that is why this post even if it can positively motivate even 1 person then its purpose is fulfilled.

  15. These indeed are perfect ways to restrict the spread of covid Even we are following all these steps in our society to help others too.

  16. Covid has taught us the need to be compassionate to our neighbours and helpers like never before. We must do what we can to help them while observing all safety protocols.

  17. Excellent tips! We are being careful, masking up, and ensuring regular sanitisation. following these tips have ensured that the cases in our neighborhood have decreased, and the recovery is going strong.

  18. That’s a wonderfully written piece. I think it’s very important of us to understand and educate people around us regarding garbage disposal. It’s one thing that getting ignored a lot.

  19. We are living in such a new normal. These are excellent tips to learn from. I learnt a lot about garbage safety. Thank you for enlightening us

  20. delhifundos2014 says:

    These are some really helpful and informative tips one should follow. After I completed my covid period we sanitized almost every part of the house.

  21. Such a thoughtful post. It is important to take precautions and make sure we are well prepared for Covid. Hope all of them follow these protocols and fight back the virus.

  22. Very much needed. We had neighbors who didn’t inform when they contracted and created a .big issue. People must be responsible especially those living in high rise apartments

    1. Same here.. I am angered by the irresponsible behaviour.

  23. In my society we didn’t knew that their were 26 cases until the manager informed us, that too late.
    Also neighbours don’t care about other. On ground reality, only few cares.

  24. There is a lot one can do to ensure that we protect ourselves and our neighbourhood from the deadly virus. There are so many simple precautions that we can take here like social distancing, masking, sanitization, etc.

  25. Covid has taught us so much, we are doing our best to be good Neighbors. But really tough to cop up with anxiety.

  26. Yeah that is the normal protocol that everyone is following here. Issue is those who aren’t literate enough to understand the intensity of the virus.

  27. this is an excellent article.. I never thought about disposal of garbage until you mentioned here.. I hope this govt regulation is being followed well

  28. Covid taught us many things for sure but I am amazed to see that how good people are to ready to help others. Really this time when the situation is bad I am grateful to see how everyone of us are working together against this virus.

  29. Well we definitely need to be responsible citizens and hence responsible neighbours. Only collective effort can help eradicate this deadly pandemic.

  30. Gayatri says:

    One of the things that COVID has taught us is helping others. Great read!

  31. You’re absolutely right! Covid will come and go, but humanity will prevail. The human spirit is larger than anything in life and together we can win this war against the virus.

  32. Arul says:

    Second wave is much harsher and these beautiful tips will come soon handy dear

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