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An After Thought

We the Women.. Empowerment of 49%



Friends as a grown up, managing work & family, I’d started to believe that I knew the art of moderating the positive & negative things happening around me. But sometimes few events occur near you that deeply saddens even the other side of your brain.

The daily report of dreadful crimes & rapes done on women in cities, towns & villages of India are such kind of incidents. I had just started to recover from the news of #Nirbhaya gang rape case when I heard about the #Mumbai gang rape on a woman journalist. These are not the only cases that have taken place; daily there are many cases that are happening.

Nirbhaya case gave rise to a massive outcry from all sections of society but as the days passed the number of people protesting at India gate decreased & shifted back to malls. After this case be it because of media highlighting such stories diligently or more number of people starting to report such crimes or an increase in such type of crimes are some unanswered questions.

However each time we hear about such cases we blame the government policies, judiciary system & police. But what about We – the women of India? What are we doing to curb these types of crime? We cannot blame 500-600 politicians for this. Sensitization among all of us needs to be there about this issue. Awareness about what’s right & what’s not need to passed on to our daughters, mothers & sisters.

Well if this issue is so woman centered & crucial then why are we not taking any collective steps for curbing this. Is shopping bags full of clothes, shoes, jewelry & accessories more important than this? Or are we still day dreaming that it’s a perfect world and this can never happen with us..?

I would like to appreciate the fact that many men had taken part in the protest at India Gate & post that have been actively involved with sharing helpful information for women in a crisis. As a result of such incidents many a times men face doubtful stares in public places by women or their families with no fault of theirs. Plausibly because of this reason of lately I’ve observed that many boys & men have become more cautious & protective of such events for women around them.

Contrary to our male counterparts, we, women have gone back to our daily & weekend routines. Now don’t try & reason it out with “who has the time for all this?” Rather then wasting time on bitching about each other, noticing each other’s clothes etc.  and hitting Likes & commenting on wedding-honeymoon-baby photos on social websites, we can do something solid for protecting ourselves.

The question worth pondering here is “Why have we made men responsible for protecting us?” Friends it’s not that I’d a bad day so have penned down my angst of it here. It is just that I’m angered by the carefree, self-centered & blaming attitude of all of us. Recently through a CSR commercial airing on TV,  I became conscious of the fact  that 49% votes in the coming elections are belonging to women of India, world’s largest Democracy. Let us realize our power of 49% votes through a collaborative effort in enforcing result yielding solutions, rule & regulations for empowerment of women in Indian society. As we head near to 10 September 2013 when the accused in Delhi gang rape case will be convicted & punishment sentenced to them, it is time we, the women awaken in the interest of defending each of the girl born in India. It’s time to bring a change & not get ignored.

An After Thought

The Best Thing About Our Meeting

Thinking of the best thing about our meeting..

‘guess those were the lessons for an entire life..

A lesson for keeping commitment only for family

and friendship ah’ that’s alright it keeps on changing..

For having the good wishes only for me & mine

and happiness eh’ well that’s within me..

People come & go, you write them off & tear the paper,

success in life, truly, is all that matters..

Knowing how to walk away,

and the indifference for the once ‘loved’ ones..

‘wish I could learn these lessons

but ‘m still so naive…

The best thing about our meeting.. well..

are those good memories when the sky was rosy & I was holding on to you!