Penned Poem..

Lamhe vehle lamhe..

Lamhe vehle lamhe..

Hai chashani mai doobe huye ye pyaar ke lamhe

Lamhe vehle lamhe..

Alsayi si aankhon sai dekhe huye sapne

Hai patango mai bandhkar uddayge lamhe

Haye ye lamhe ..vehle lamhe..

Kabhi yunhi reti k tillon par ghar banate huye

Hai paani ko thamkar bachaye ye lamhe..

Haye ye lamhe ..vehle lamhe..

Sabun k jhaag se banaye huye bulbule

Hai neele, peele, lal sab rang k ye lamhe..

The Kitchentina - food guide

Simple Lemon Tea Cake Recipe

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Eggs – 3

Self-rising flour – 200 gms.

Margarine – 250 gms.

Sugar – 250 gms.

One Lemon Rind

Juice of Half Lemon


  • First mix the sugar & margarine together to form a smooth batter. Now add eggs one by one till & blend it nicely.
  • After this add Self raising flour in small quantities, folding the batter gently until evenly done. Add the lemon juice, lemon rind & lemon essence to the batter & mix.
  • For baking, grease the baking container. Bake at 180 degrees in a pre-heated oven until done completely.
  • Enjoy the Lemon Tea Cake with a cup of hot tea at breakfast and at evening tea time.
An After Thought

the best thing about our meeting..

Thinking of the best thing about our meeting..

‘guess those were the lessons for an entire life..

A lesson for keeping commitment only for family

and friendship ah’ that’s alright it keeps on changing..

For having the good wishes starting with me & only  for me first

and happiness eh’ well that’s within me..

People come & go, you write them off & tear the paper,

success in life, yeah, is all it matters..

Knowing how to walk away,

and the indifference on people walking away..

‘wish I could learn these lessons

but ‘m still so naive;

one,searching for happiness in some sage..

he is my world, my commitment to life

and for you my dear,

the best thing about our meeting,

‘guess is wishing it would have never happened

& wish it to never to happen again..



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