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The ABCs of Managing Diabetes

how to manage diabetes in india

Are you worried seeing your latest Diabetes A1C test result? Have the reports constantly been pointing towards a higher side despite medications? Then this article might just prove to be helpful for you. In this article you get to know how to manage diabetes in India & across other parts of world. 

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<A> Alert and Control Thy Blood-Sugar Level: 

Controlling Blood-Sugar Level is very Important:  How to manage diabetes in India
Controlling Blood-Sugar Level is very Important: How to manage diabetes in India 

Diabetes is majorly about the imbalance in blood-sugar levels caused by no or lesser amounts of Insulin secreted from pancreas in the human body. It might also be caused by the body not being responsive towards Insulin produced in the body. Blood, being one of the crucial fluids within the body, can adversely affect many different body organs and thereby body functions if the blood-sugar level is higher or lower than the permissible limit. For maintaining the same, the first step is to get the A1C test done regularly and following the right procedure. Keeping a track of A1C test results can be an important guide towards better diabetes management. Also, for effectively controlling blood-sugar levels, apart from medicines, one can take . It is scientifically formulated to act on slow-release energy system so as to manage proper blood-sugar level.1 

<B> Balance the Blood Pressure 

Does Blood Pressure affects in Diabetes? How to manage diabetes in India
Does Blood Pressure affects in Diabetes? Diabetes Management in India

Ideally the blood pressure of human body should be 120/80 mm Hg. But in the case of a person living with diabetes, the prevalence of high blood pressure may pose an added threat to the well-being. A combination of high blood pressure and Type-2 diabetes can lead to heart attack, kidney related disease & stroke.2 To control blood pressure give up sedentary lifestyle and indulge in different activities like swimming or light exercises. 

<C> Cut the Cholesterol 

As a diabetic, it is suggested to take extra care of your cholesterol levels. Understanding the good and bad divide in cholesterol becomes more crucial for people with diabetes. Low Density Lipid (LDL) is the bad component of the cholesterol while High Density Lipid (HDL) is good and required for the body. Triglycerides are another kind of fat component which is present. However, high level of triglycerides and low levels of HDL may pose a risk of heart attack. This situation is further serious for both, diabetic adults and children.3 Eating healthy and physical fitness is the key to cutting the cholesterol. Also, Ensure Diabetes Care helps in supporting heart health along with controlling blood-sugar level. One can take it as a mid-meal snack. My family member who is a diabetic usually takes it post-dinner.  

<D> Stop Smoking & Limit Alcohol 

Cut Smoking & Alcohol for better Diabetes Management: How to manage diabetes in India?
Cut Smoking & Alcohol for better Diabetes Management: How to manage diabetes in India?

Smoking does exactly what bad cholesterol does to the heart. It blocks the blood vessels and it also further decreases the HDL. This increases the probability of occurrence of heart attack & strokes.4 Alcohol too should be limited as it leads to increase in triglycerides, thereby giving rise to hypertension. 

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I am a caregiver myself. Having seen a close family member being diabetic, I feel it is my responsibility to spread awareness on how to manage diabetes in India & other countries of the world which have diabetes as a prevalent disease. If you found this information helpful then do share and drop a comment.  



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  1. These are good pointers to remember to keep blood sugar levels in control. #EnsureDiabetesCare will help to make this journey easy.

  2. Regular exercise, right nutrition and timely medication is the key to keep blood sugar levels under control. #ensurediabetescare also helps in managing diabetes. Well written article.

  3. It is the ultimate guide to control blood sugar levels and ultimately diabetes. And products like Ensure Diabetes Care helps in achieving the goals.

  4. That’s very helpful info. Yes blood pressure and cholesterol levels affect diabetes level. Maintaining healthy lifestyle does helps a lot #ensurediabetescare

  5. These are some effective ways to manage diabetes.. thanks for your tips.

  6. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I really like the way you had explained diabetes management in term of ABC. Agree all three factors are most important to in diabetes management. will check about ensure diabetic care for sure as I am hearing a lot about it all across the web.

  7. These are indeed such good and helpful pointers. I never knew that blood pressure is connected to diabetes. And smoking also is a new information for me that it is connected to diabetes. Thank you so much for sharing these. Now I I’m pass on this information to people I know.

  8. This is a very helpful post for many people put there. Diabetes is always connected to white sugar. Little awareness is there about the real care that has to be taken by the diabetic patients.. Your posts stands out from other posts in the fact that it gives some unique information. That’s awesome. Loved reading the post.

  9. Thank you so much for the post. An awareness about the aide effects of smoking is imperative. People thinks that smoking only affects the lungs. But No. Thanks for this helpful post. It must be shared with everyone and the real awareness need to be spread

  10. Diabetes is a serious issue and with the current pandemic, I know someone who got infected and die to diabetes has gone on a severe health issues.

  11. Diabetes is so common these days due to stressful and improper lifestyle. This post is really helpful for all.

  12. I will definitely keep in mind the pointers you shared. Loved how you wrote the ABC of Diabetes. Informative and interesting too.

  13. Good tips. If only people understood what was good and bad for them, the world would have less hospitals and dieticians I guess.

  14. Hypertension is an independent risk factor for a heart attack. Hypertension coexisting with diabetes Mellitus puts one at an increased risk of coronary accidents. Nutrition, healthy lifestyle and diet control can help in keeping diabetes in control and its complications at bay.

  15. The points you have added in here is actually good, I must say… Diabetes can be effectively managed when caught early. However, when left untreated, it can lead to potential complications that include heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, and nerve damage.

  16. These are the perfect ABC’s to ensure that diabetes can be controlled. I’ve been a caregiver myself and know that good care and health monitoring is the best way.

  17. These are some great tips, right nutrition and regular excercise with proper medication can be of great help to deal with diabetes.

  18. That’s a good way of explaining. Will remember the ABCD of Diabetes now. Will share this with my mom too who is a diabetic.

  19. Great pointers ; i must share with my father as he’s suffering from diabetes.Its a lifes disease that can be controlled with lifestyle changes.
    Found this post really insightful & helpful.

  20. The ABCD solution is so apt and they are the most important ones to be healthy. Diabetes is a major problem that people suffer these days and controlling it with the ABCD approach then that’s amazing.

  21. Nutrition and regular monitoring can help a big deal.
    smoking has affect on many body organs and must be taken care and stopped immediately.

  22. Sakshi says:

    Glad you are raising awareness about diabetes. It is a silent killer and the risk levels of any disease go higher if the patient also has diabetes. A good balance of sugar levels, BP and cholesterol is very important.

  23. Neha Sharma says:

    Managing diabetes is not easy at all. A diabetic has to be very careful of what they eat & drink and the lifestyle they follow. You have mentioned some important pointers that one needs to be careful about. Also, thanks for sharing about Ensure diabetes care, will check more about it.

  24. Judy, I really like how you have explained about taking care in Diabetes with simple tips to remember in the format of ABCD. When diet is concerned we may slip a dish or two and then #EnsureDiabetesCare takes the charge by balancing the meal.

  25. These are wonderful tips to keep diabetes in check. Being a pre-diabetic myself, I have also made certain adjustments to my lifestyle. I don’t smoke anymore and have limited by sugar and alcohol intake. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on diabetes care.

  26. What you have mentioned is the perfect guide to controlling and managing diabetes and Ensure helps a lot in this too.

  27. These are some amazing and helpful pointers and really helpful to manage diabetes. I will definitely pass this information to others.

  28. You have listed out all the points my dear. My husband used to check his diabetes regularly, his BP was always in control, ne never had high cholestrol, he never touched alcohol, turned vegetarian..but he had BP and Diabetes in his genes and he succumbed to it at 46. God alone knows the math. While my MIL and FIL lived to a ripe old age although their levels were very high.

  29. Definitely this is my post as I am diabetic this is definitely going to help me out I will be saving this post.

  30. Diabetes is a serious health issue and it requires a lot of care to deal with it with right diet and exercise.

  31. Sweta says:

    Diabetes is considered to be the king of all the disease. It is vital to take care on each and every step and also in our daily life. If done rightfully we are sure to take over it.

  32. I really liked the way you have presented, I will keep in mind this ABC as I have 3 Diabetics at home.

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